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Note:  Safety and health are extremely important to me, and I am sure they are to you, too! :) Stay Healthy & Safe!!



+  My general availability is from 7pm or so to midnight, with my last rendezvous at midnight.  

+  I am available for Outcall engagements.  I am rarely available at the last minute, so please plan ahead for our

     rendezvous so that I have the opportunity to make your acquaintance!  

+   I am located in the Denver Metro area, but I can also be available in the DTC area, Castle Rock, Boulder, the 

     Evergreen/Conifer area, Longmont and surrounding cities. Rendezvous outside of the Denver Metro area do have

     a travel consideration. Please see my Consideration Page for details.

     *I do consider Denver International Airport to be within the Denver Metro area.

+   If you decide during our time together that what we've scheduled is just not enough, I will always entertain an

     extension of our rendezvous. Just let me know and we can explore the possibilities!

+   I am available for dinner dates and intimate encounters

+    I do Not offer dominance or submission, and as I prefer to spend my time with gentlemen, I am not available 

      for couples encounters.  My apologies. 


+  My initial point of contact will always by email.  Once I have had the chance to Screen and Verify you, I do ask that   

     we arrange to briefly connect by phone so that we can say hello to one another and get acquainted a bit prior to our

     meeting in person.

+  Once you have my phone number you may, of course, text or call at any time. Due to my life outside of dating,

     however, I may or may not be able to answer or reply to texts right away.  If this is the case, I will most likely email

     you back for discretionary reasons, as I do not wish to text or call at a time that does not work well for you, unless

     you’ve told me otherwise that there is no reason for concern.

Screening & Verification

+  Screening is mandatory if we've not yet had the pleasure of meeting.  I need to be able to verify who you are before         we're able to make plans to get together. Please keep this in mind and understand that I will require some       

     information from you before we can make or confirm our time together.  Screening is for my safety, as I cannot

     meet with anyone if I do not know who they are, so please be sure to give me the correct information the first

     time.  If your information is incorrect or there are problems verifying you, it’s likely that I will not feel comfortable,

     no matter what your reasoning might be, and may choose to pass on making your acquaintance. 

+   All Screening and Verification information you give me is strictly confidential and seen by my eyes only.  Once I’ve

     been able to verify you, your details are permanently deleted.  I do not have assistants or use any 3rd party to 

     do any screening; it is all done by me.  The only thing that I will keep is the email address you

     wish to have me communicate with you on, and your phone number, which is stored in my password protected

      Iphone only.

+   If you've completed the Screening process in the past and we did, in fact meet, then you are a Verified Friend and

      will not need to Screen again.  If you completed the Screening process and we did not meet for whatever reason,

      please understand that because I do Not keep the information you give to me in the Screening process, that I will

      require you to resubmit your Screening/Verification details.  Please understand that it is for privacy, security and

      discretionary reasons that I choose NOT to keep any of your details.

Considerations &  Confirmation

+   When we do have the pleasure of getting together, please place the Consideration for my Time in an unsealed

      envelope in the nearest bathroom to the entrance with your government issued ID next to the unsealed envelope

      for final verification so that I am able to confirm who you are.  Doing so will help ease my mind and ensure my 

      comfort so that we can move on with our our time together! 

+   Considerations are Not negotiable in any way, so please be respectful and do not ask for discounts. Ever.  I will

      occasionally have Special Offerings and when available, are listed on my Introductions page. If there are no

      Special Offerings listed on my Introductions page then I currently do not have any specials.  

+   For Time Considerations, I accept Cash, PayPal and Cash.App, and I do have Travel Considerations for

      areas that are outside of the Denver Metro area, so when emailing me, please do let me know where you're


+   I will always confirm our scheduled time together prior to arriving, so please be sure and respond to my

      confirmation, whether it be by text or email per your preference, so that I can be on my way and arrive to you

      on time!


+   Discretion and privacy are extremely important to me, as I assume they are to you, as well.  I consider our time

      together to be confidential and kept between you and I only, and I ask the same consideration from you. 

      Please know that your Screening information is disposed of promptly after I'm able to verify your details and any

      and all communication from me via phone will only be at prearranged, mutually agreed upon times.

+   For privacy reasons, I do not send pictures of my face nor do I show my face in my photos. Privacy and

      discretion are extremely important to me and to the friends I have the pleasure of meeting with, and as I do meet

      for dinner engagements, I prefer to be a face that is NOT recognizable to those we may come in contact with

     during our time out. I also have a life outside of dating and do not wish to have either intersect.

     That being said, my appearance is one that matches all around, so my face does perfectly compliment the rest

     of me that you see here on my website!



+   I am available for Outcall, where I come to you, and for limited Incall where I can provide the location for us if we've 

      already had the pleasure of meeting. Incall is available for regular friends only.

 References & Reviews

+   My apologies, but I no longer offer References, as my time is very limited these days and I am not always able to

      respond in a timely manner to reference requests from other Companions. 

+    I do NOT accept references as a primary means of verification.  If you send me references, I may contact them, but

      they cannot be used as your primary means of Screening and Verification. For primary verification, I accept  P411

      Members, work websites where your picture and you are listed, established LinkedIn link or other approved social

      media site, as well as government issued ID's with a business card.


+  REVIEWS: I prefer to keep the time I spend with friends between us and private, so I request that those I've had the

     pleasure of meeting with refrain from posting any type of review about me. I can assure you that when I arrive

     for our rendezvous, who you see in my photos here on my site is exactly who you'll see when we get together, and

     that our time together will be an exceptional experience, as it is my goal to exceed all of your expectations! 



+    I do understand how life happens and if you do need to cancel our arranged rendezvous, a 24 hour notice is

      acceptable. If you do need to cancel with less than a 24 hour notice, please let me know as soon as possible so that

      we can try to make other arrangements. If your cancellation is last minute and I am already on my way to your

      location, any deposit is not refundable, but can be applied to a rescheduling. If you are a no-show, no-call, your full

      deposit is considered forfeited and you will not be given the opportunity to reschedule unless the full

      Time Consideration is provided via PayPal or If you have not made a deposit, I will not entertain any

      rescheduling possibilities with you unless the full Time and Travel (if any) Consideration is also provided via PayPal or I will always be respectful of your time, so please extend the same courtesy to me.  For my PayPal or information, please email me so that I can provide you with my account details.   While I do

      understand things happen, I will be much more understanding if you missed your appointment and have the respect

      and courtesy to compensate me for the full Time and Travel (if any) Consideration you booked.  Thank you!  :)



+   I do require deposits for certain engagements where my Travel time to you is over 45 minutes, and for

      extended rendezvous.

+   Deposits can be made via PayPal through my business consulting email and using  If a deposit is

      required for our get together, I will send you the correct account information to use for PayPal and

If you have any questions not answered or addressed here on my Details page, please email me so that I can help answer your inquiries!  I look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you in the very near future!



Sierra Raine

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