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How to Enjoy life?

It is my opinion that the very best way to enjoy life is to actually get out there and actually live it! Worrying or thinking too much about the future, or even the past, takes away from the present and robs you of the fun and joy you could be having right now! Now I'm not saying don't think about anything or do any planning at all for the future, but don't forget about today! Learn from past mistakes, but don't wrap yourself up in them so tightly that you can't let go and be present in today... and definitely have goals for your future and work toward them to accomplish your dreams and live a full life, but again, don't get to caught up in them that you forget about the moments you're in... Smell the roses, watch the sun setting, see the sun rise and notice all the Seasons as they come, linger and go... Life is far too short and precious to take for granted and miss worrying about things that, in the end, will work themselves out. Live your life so you have no regrets when the time comes to move on...


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