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Rendezvous Considerations

I do prefer longer engagements as it gives us more time to get comfortable with one another and truly enjoy ourselves!  After all, if I'm able to have the pleasure of spending time with you, I most certainly want to exceed all your expectations and leave you with the fondest of memories! 


Time Considerations

2 Hour Tryst

2.5 Hour Rendezvous

3 hour Dinner, Desert

& Private Time Escape

Overnight Engagement

(up to 12 hours)





Overnight Engagement

(up to 24 hours)


Travel Considerations

If you are outside the Denver Metro area, please add the following Travel considerations to all Time Considerations listed.  If where you're located isn't listed below, please inquire with me as to whether or not I can be available to visit your location. 

DTC Area

Evergreen/Conifer Area

CastleRock/Parker & Ft.Collins




$ 50




*Overnight Engagements*

All Overnight engagements require a 50% deposit, advance arrangements and are available on a very limited bases. I don't do overnights with those I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting with, as I want to make sure we get along well before making plans for an overnight rendezvous.

My availability in all areas outside of the Denver Metro area is subject to weather conditions, especially during the Winter months. Also, I don't travel to the Ft. Collins or Colorado Springs areas from October 1-April 1st.

** If you're interested in a rendezvous time not listed above, please do let me know **

 I do have a required screening process I ask of those I've not yet had the pleasure of meeting, so if you're ready to make plans for us to escape and enjoy one another, please use the Screening form located on my Reservations Page so that we can make plans for us to meet!  I look forward to hearing from you and I do hope to have the pleasures of your company soon! 

xoxo,   Sierra Raine

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