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+  I will need to verify who you are prior to our arranging to meet, so please keep this in mind and understand that I will need some information from you before we can confirm our time together. This is something that is mandatory for my own safety and once complete, will not need to be done again.


+  When contacting me initially, please include as much detail about yourself as possible, as this will speed up the process of our being able to arrange and confirm our time together!


Considerations & Confirmation

+  When we do get together, please have the consideration for my time in an unsealed envelope placed in the nearest bathroom to the entrance. Also have your government issued id next to the unsealed envelope for final verification of who you are. Doing so will help ensure my comfort so that we can move on with our time together!


+  I will always confirm our scheduled time together prior to arriving, so please be sure and respond to my confirmation so that I can be on my way and arrive to you on time!


+  I accept cash, PayPal & and the Time Considerations I request for my time are Not negotiable, so please be respectful and do not ask.  I am located and available in the Denver Metro area, but can also be available to visit Boulder, Colorado Springs, select Mountain cities, but please know that I do have a Travel Consideration for all engagements outside of the immediate Denver Metro area.    


+  I do occasionally offer Specials and they will be listed on my Considerations page when they are available so please check there. If there are no specials offered on my considerations page, there are none available, so please, no inquiries regarding whether I offer any specials.


+  I am a 100% Independent Companion and therefore the considerations I do ask for my time are complete and all inclusive, meaning there is no need or expectation for additional tipping.


+  I do not require deposits for our time together unless you are in need of my procuring an Incall location, wish for me to visit with you outside of my normal travel area or are requesting time longer than 4 hours. If you have any questions regarding any of the 3 options mentioned here, please do inquire with me directly by email.


Availability & Discretion

+  I am selective with whom I spend time with, as I believe that quality supersedes quantity and I like to be sure that those I have the pleasure of making the acquaintance of truly enjoy the experience. Because of this, I only see a few select friends and therefore suggest arranging time in advance, as I am not always available at the last minute since my time does book up.


+  I do not send pictures of my face nor do I show my face in my photos because privacy and discretion are extremely important to me. I do have a life outside of my extra curricular activities here and do not wish to have either intersect. That being said, my appearance is one that matches all around, so my face does compliment the rest of me very nicely!


+  As discretion and privacy are extremely important to me, that same level of confidentiality is given to you regarding our time together. Please know that your information is disposed of promptly after verification and that I will only keep your phone number and email address to communicate directly with you and to confirm our get together.  All communication via phone will only be at prearranged, mutually agreed upon times.


+  If you decide during our time together that what we've scheduled is just not enough, I will always entertain an extension of our rendezvous. Just let me know and we can explore the possibilities!


References & Reviews

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+  I prefer to keep the time I spend with friends between us and private. I can assure you, however, that when I arrive for our rendezvous, who you see in my pictures here on my site is exactly who you'll see when we get together...



+  I do understand how life happens and if you do need to cancel our arranged rendezvous, a 24 hour notice is acceptable. If you cancel with less than a 24 hour notice, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can try to make other arrangements so that any deposits can be returned. If your cancellation is last minute and I am already on my way to your location, the deposit is not refundable, but can be applied to a rescheduling. If you are a no-show, no-call, your full deposit is considered forfeited and you will not be given the opportunity to reschedule unless the full Time Consideration is provided via PayPal or the If you have not made a deposit, I will not be entertaining any rescheduling possibilities with you unless the full Time and Travel (if any) Consideration is also provided via PayPal or I will always be respectful of your time, so please extend the same courtesy to me.  For my PayPal or information, please email me at   While I do understand things happen, I will be much more understanding if you missed your appointment and have the respect and courtesy to compensate me for the full Time and Travel (if any) Consideration you booked.  Thank you!  :)

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