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Snowy Day Thoughts...

Looking out my window seeing all the snow hanging from the pine trees that surround my house, I can’t help but think… and I feel that if I think, I should share, so here are my Monday afternoon thoughts…

While looking out at the beautiful gingerbread house like landscape with the pine trees that appear to have frosting dripping from them all the way down to the ground, I can’t help but think about those ‘old days’. What I see is pretty because I’m inside my house with my heat and electricity, but I can’t imagine being one of those people that came west back in the day. While it may be fun to wish for times when we didn’t have so much to do and think about, I must say that I am grateful to have been born, and now living in, a time where I don’t have to continuously bring wood in for the fire to keep it burning to stay warm, and that my biggest problem might be the slow internet or computer! In the grand ‘Time Scheme’ of things, it’s my opinion that Now is a great time to be alive!

People complain about the times we live in and how messed up they are, and while I do agree to a certain extent that some things are pretty troublesome, many of the problems we do have are ones that with some hard work and perseverance, can be righted. I guess the sum of my thoughts today are, that life is beautiful if we choose to see and make it that way, and to the complainers, I feel bad for them, for they can’t seem to find that precious few flowers that push up through the snow in early Spring… Personally, I choose to see the loveliness around me, even though sometime is can be hard to find.

From my mind to yours.... I wish you a fabulous week and a very happy Spring!

xoxo, Sierra


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