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Winter Fun?? hmmmmm....

To me, February seems to be that time of year in Colorado when I really start missing the life and green of Summer... and really missing the warm days! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Colorado, but with Winter it just seems that around this time I need some warmer air and some color in the landscape... Soooo I decided it was the Perfect time to do a photo shoot in Las Vegas!!

I booked my Photo Shoot with an amazing Photographer and I'll be on my way to spend a relaxing week in Las Vegas the first week in March! Perfect time to go... AND, I'll bring back some more hot new pictures for all my wonderful friends!!

Fabulous food, no shortage of things to do and the shows! Ahhh, the shows! Hard to beat Las Vegas when it comes to a fun get away.... Looking forward to bringing you some more new pics and I sure do hope to see you soon!

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