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Time Considerations & Screening

 If after you've reviewed my Time Considerations listed below you decide that I'm someone you'd like to spend time with, please complete my Screening form in its entirety so that we can make plans to get together and enjoy one another!  Also, please keep in mind that as I do prefer Quality over quantity, extended engagements are recommended to ensure we have time to get acquainted and enjoy one another!

Please Note:

Beginning March 1, 2018, my Time Considerations will be increasing and my availability will be very limited due to several new projects I will be working on this year.  I will honor my current Time Considerations for all engagements made and confirmed prior to March 1st, even for those that occur after March 1st. 

All established friends will take priority regarding my availability, so please keep this in mind for any scheduling you might like to arrange for after the 1st of March this year and plan ahead.


I thank you in advance for your understanding and do hope to have the pleasures of your company in the near future!

Extreme Encounter

Time Considerations in the Denver Metro area

Also available by request:  Relaxation & Escape

The True VIP Experience

90 mins

2 hours

2.5 hours

3 hours

4 hours

1 hour


$ 1000

$ 1200

$ 1500

$ 1800

$ 2500


+1 hour engagements are reserved for established friends in Denver Only.

For those seeking a truly unique & unforgettable rendezvous that brings your fantasies to life and goes beyond the girlfriend experience to give you All the things your heart desires...

2 hours:  $1800

Sensual Full Body Rub Experience, available during 2hr + engagements

Overnights Rendezvous

Available for select friends, please inquire

Up to 10 hours:  $5000

Additional Travel Considerations for cities outside the Central Denver Metro area

Aurora & North of Denver

Please add an additional $100 to all listed Time Considerations.

Boulder & Longmont

Please add an additional $100 to all listed Time Considerations.

Colorado Springs

Travel Expense: $200 with a minimum 2.5 hour engagement or 2 hour Extreme Encounter

Mountain Cities

Mountain city visits are weather dependent

Travel Expense:  $500 w/3 hour minimum or a 2 hour Extreme Encounter minimum

Dinner Engagements & Evening Out

Available Tuesday - Saturday after 6pm

$500 up to 2 hours with each additional hour being $250

My Dinner Engagements are reserved for select individuals so please inquire if you're interested in arranging some time for us to meet before a Private Time encounter, or simply to enjoy dinner, conversation and a connection for the evening!  Dinner Engagements do not included Private Time,  but we can certainly add some Private Time for us before or after dinner if you'd like!

By submitting the screening credentials form you affirm that all statements made are true, that your are at least 21 years of age or older and that you are Not affiliated with any law enforcement agency of any kind.  You must agree &  understand that all appointments made are for time and companionship Only and that no illegal services are offered or implied.

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